Train to Incheon International Airport

19 05 2007

Yesterday I took the new train link between Gimpo International airport (subway line 5) and Incheon International airport. The link is run by a different train company but you can use the same T-money card that you use on the Seoul subway system.

The train ride took about half hour and was largely above ground. Not long after Gimpo it stops at Gyeyang (line 1) so you can join it there if you wish.

The carriages were nice and wide with seats along the length under the windows. After dark it’s quite boring because you can’t look out of the window, but there are tv screens mounted on the walls showing the usual comedy clips and news reports one finds on airport trains.

In daylight passengers are treated to views of paddy fields, traditional farm houses, greenery and the usual grey concrete expanses of modern South Korea. At one point as the train passes over the bridge to Yeongjong-do, the island where the airport is sited, you feel as if you are gliding over sand flats.

I think it’s a nice way to come into Seoul after a long flight and it avoids the traffic jams, but be warned, once you get into the subway system you may have some long walks between platforms if you need to change lines.

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3 responses

14 06 2007
Daniel U

Hi.This is great useful information, since I have a very long layover at ICN. I plan to take the subway in to Gimpo and travel on to Seoul. I’m not too picky about what to do: will just be happy to be out of the airport and walking around. Any advice on where to take the subway?

15 06 2007

It takes 17 minutes and 900 won to go from Gimpo to Omokygo subway station with no changes of train. Once there you can access the Hyundai department store from within the subway station (i.e. no need to go up onto the sidewalk).

Coming in that way takes you into the “youth” area of the shopping centre, with a cinema, clothes shops, foodcourt and supermarket. As you go up to the different levels of the shopping centre you’ll find the usual sections for furniture, electrical goods, designer clothing etc… I don’t know what time it all shuts down at night, but I expect it’ll be around 8pm or 9pm with the exception of the cinema.

If your layover is really really long, you can go to Gyeongbokgong, a palace in the centre of Seoul. It has a subway station right next to it with the same name. It costs 1200 won to get there and takes 51 minutes. (It’s closed Tuesdays I think, you need to check the website.) If you get out at Gwanghwamun subway station you won’t even need to change lines . To get to the palace from Gwanghwamun, go up to street level and head for the mountain at the end of the street. You’ll walk past the American embassy before you get there. Look out for the pedestrian underpass to get across the road to the palace, the traffic is pretty heavy.

10 09 2007
Thomas Vinson

This was very convenient for me when I stayed in Seoul. You can find a nice hotel at a reasonable price and then take a train into the city for about 1/2 hour or so.

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